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Commercial term

Web site name Japan Shopping!
Company Name FD Communication Co., Ltd.
Parent Company Info.
CEO Kunihiro Iwata
Address (Headqquarters)
Fukuden  bldg. 2F , 10-10 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan #8120027
Send e-mail
Open / Close 10:00am - 17:00 pm
except Sat. Sun. Japanese National Holiday.
Service area Algeria , Argentina , Australia , Austria , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Barbados , Belarus , Belgium , Bhutan , Botswana , Brazil , Brunei , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , China , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cote d'Ivoire , Croatia , Cuba , Cyprus , Czechoslovakia , Denmark , Djibouti , Ecuador , Egypt , El Salvador , England , Estonia , Ethiopia , Fiji , Finland , France , Gabon , Germany , Ghana , Greece , Guam , Honduras , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Italy , Jamaica , Japan , Kenya , Korea , Laos , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Macau , Macedonia , Madagascar , Malaysia , Maldives , Malta , Mauritius , Mexico , Monaco , Mongolia , Morocco , Myanmar , Nepal , Netherlands , New Caledonia , New Zealand , Nigeria , Norway , Oman , Pakistan , Panama , Papua New Guinea , Paraguay , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Qatar , Romania , Russia , Rwanda , Saipan , Saudi Arabia , Senegal , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , South Sudan , Spain , Sri Lanka , Sudan , Switzerland , Taiwan , Tanzania , Thailand , Togo , Trinidad and Tobago , Tunisia , Turkey , U.S.A. , Uganda , Ukraine , United Arab Emirates , Uruguay , Venezuela , Vietnam , Zimbabwe , Total: 114 countries
Service Japanese web shopping agency
Service lineup You can buy from all web shops in Japan. Japan Shopping can help you with "Purchasing","Payment","Goods receive", "Packing" and "International delivery".
How to order Member registration To use this web site service, you need to sign up the member and enter your profile. Sign up is Free!!
Payment We will send PayPal request based on estimation value. So please pay as deposit. We add 4% additional as PayPal fee. To distinguish between the shopping cost and paying amount, we say "Point" about shopping cost.

ex)  Estimated value 10,000 Points     Invoice value 10,417 JPY (=10,000/0.96)
    (+4% PayPal fee)

You can pay via PayPal.
Save the point
Abolition from end of April 2016.
It was abolished saving the point from end of April 2016. You can keep the point until end of December 2016.

So please use your points until them, or please send us the "Point refund request". To refund the points, please refer below "Refund your point balance". If you don't use or refund until end of December 2016, the point balance will be 0 JPY.
Refund your Point balance.
If you want us to refund your point balance, please log in to the system and send message via "Request & Inquiry". Please send message's subject as "Point refund request" and write down your PayPal account in the message.

Subject: Point refund request
PayPal account : xxxxx

*If you don’t have PayPal account, we can’t refund.
*However if it’s within 60 days of your payment, we can refund your balance without PayPal account.

Refund amount : balance / 0.96
Ex) Point Balance : 1000 points.
Refund amount : 1041 JPY = 1000 / 0.96
Note Can’t refund the consumption tax We are paying consumption tax at the time of purchasing your requested items. However since it’s too complex for this kind of small business to request refunding consumption tax each time from Japanese government, so we can’t refund consumption tax to the customer. Please kindly understand about it.
Estimation and Order After logged in to the system, you can estimate the amount and order for it.
Size and Weight
of the percel
* Maximum length less than 1.5m.
* Box size = side + side + side = less than 3m
* Total weight = less than 20 kg (Include out box weight)
* 1 order for 1 box.
* All products can be recontained together.
* Capacity weight ; 6000cm3 = 1kg. If the capacity weight is larger than weight, capacity weight is adapted as weight.

Product A "weight 3kg" "Capacity 12000cm3"( capacity weight = 2kg.)
Total weight = 3kg.

Product B "weight 1kg" "Capacity 12000cm3"( capacity weight = 2kg.)
Total weight = 2kg.
Delivery date After the shipping notification, the delivery date is based on EMS delivery estimation date.

You can also track and trace your parcel. EMS Track & Trace service.
Maximum no.
of requests
One order includes maximum 5 requests.
Failure of the products "Japan shopping" can not take responsibilities for the failure of the product.
Return goods
In any reason, the returned goods commission is a customer's share.
About broken goods by the reason of transport About broken goods by the reason of transport, you can adapt EMS insurance program.
EMS Insurance Program
Customs clearance procedure, tariff, and import tax You need to follow your country custom rule. Japan shopping can not support your country's custom clearance, tariff, and import tax.
Risk in international trade There is a commodity of the import prohibition according to the country. Therefore, please confirm the customhouse rule in customer's country again before it is requested. Please note that our company cannot take any responsibilities by the customhouse in customer's country.
Prohibited goods to export by Japan custom. We can not export the prohibited goods.
Note Regulations


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