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Service area & Price

You can buy from all web shops in Japan. Japan Shopping can help you with "Purchasing","Payment","Goods receive", "Packing" and "International delivery".

You can include 5 requests at one order.
Maximum weight is 20kg. (includes box weight 1kg.) One box for one order.

■Price Structure

Total Payment ={ Product price + Inland freight fee + Bank payment fee + Handling charge + Insurance fee + Packing fee + International Delivery cost } * PayPal fee(4%)
Price Structure Estimate Invoice
Total payment Product Price
(Includes TAX)
Your Input Value Real cost
Inland freight fee
1050yen(Fixed) Real cost
Bank payment
315yen(Fixed) 315yen(Fixed)
Handling charge "Shopping": 1st request 1000 yen,
same shop 2nd request +300 yen.
Maximum order quantity 5 pcs per 1 request.
Over 6 pcs are calculated as 2nd request.
"Auction" : each request 1500 yen.
Insurance When total amnt is less than 20,000yen, the insulance fee is free. Over 20,000yen each 20,000yen takes 50yen.
Packing fee First Goods receiving 800yen, additional goods receiving takes +300yen/box.
International Delivery cost Follow EMS fee Outbox is calculated as 1kg. If you want to use other delivery way such as Fedex or DHL, we can change. Please contact us.
PayPal fee Every time you buy point, system will add 4% as PayPal fee. If you want to buy more than 200,000 points, you can also use bank transfer. It will be much cheaper than PayPal. So please contact us.

Note1, Note2 It won't be charged for every request. It is only charged for number of shops. So if you order at same shop, this is charged only once.

■PayPal request timing

Japan Shopping!
Price table
PayPal request 1
( We will charge
at the time of order )
PayPal request 2
( We will charge
at the time of delivery
on real cost basis )
Cost Details Product Price (Includes TAX) Inland freight fee
Handling Charge Bank payment fee
(Fixed 315 Yen)
Packing fee Insurance
  EMS cost
Invoice Value Total amount of above / 0.96
(Include 4% PayPal charge)
Total amount of above / 0.96
(Include 4% PayPal charge)

Note  In case of Auction, the product price can't fix at the time of 'PayPal request 1' ,
so we will adjust the difference at the time of 'PayPal request 2'.


Service area

Country Area 1
Area 2-1
North America/
Central America
Area 2-2
Area 3
South America
Country Country Country Country
Bangladesh Australia Austria Algeria
Bhutan Bahrain Belarus Argentina
Brunei Barbados Belgium Botswana
China Canada Bulgaria Brazil
Guam Costa Rica Croatia Colombia
Hong Kong Cuba Czechoslovakia Cote d'Ivoire
India Cyprus Denmark Djibouti
Indonesia El Salvador England Dust
Korea Fiji Estonia Ecuador
Laos Honduras Finland Egypt
Macau Jamaica France Ethiopia
Malaysia Mexico Germany Gabon
Maldive Islands New Caledonia Greece Ghana
Mongolian New Zealand Hungary Kenya
Myanmar Oman Iceland Madagascar
Nepal Panama Ireland Mauritius
Pakistan Papua New Guinea Italy Morocco
Philippines Qatar Latvia Nigeria
Saipan Saudi Arabia Liechtenstein Paraguay
Singapore Trinidad and Tobago Lithuania Peru
Sri Lanka Turkey Luxembourg Rwanda
Taiwan U.S.A. Macedonia Senegal
Thailand United Arab Emirates Marta South Africa
Vietnam Monaco South Sudan
Netherlands Sudan
Norway Tanzania
Poland Togo
Portugal Tunisia
Romania Uganda
Russia Uruguay
Slovakia Venezuela
Slovenija Zimbabwe
Ukraine Total: 114 countries

List of Delivery Days
Note1. "Days" are calculated from our shipping date to your goods receiving date.
Note2. "Days" are standards until arriving.
Note3. If you need to delivery to other area, please contact us.

EMS fee

(At the Japan Shopping, maximum weight is possible up to 20kg(The weight of the outside box is contained))

Area 1 Area 2-1 Area 2-2 Area 3
Weight Asia Oceania/
North America/
Central America

Europe South America
500g or less 1,400JPY  2,000JPY  2,200JPY  2,400JPY
600g or less 1,540JPY  2,180JPY  2,400JPY  2,740JPY
700g or less 1,680JPY  2,360JPY  2,600JPY  3,080JPY
800g or less 1,820JPY  2,540JPY  2,800JPY  3,420JPY
900g or less 1,960JPY  2,720JPY  3,000JPY  3,760JPY
1.0kg or less 2,100JPY  2,900JPY  3,200JPY  4,100JPY
1.25kg or less 2,400JPY  3,300JPY  3,650JPY  4,900JPY
1.5kg or less 2,700JPY  3,700JPY  4,100JPY  5,700JPY
1.75kg or less 3,000JPY  4,100JPY  4,550JPY  6,500JPY
2.0kg or less 3,300JPY  4,500JPY  5,000JPY  7,300JPY
2.5kg or less 3,800JPY  5,200JPY  5,800JPY  8,800JPY
3.0kg or less 4,300JPY  5,900JPY  6,600JPY  10,300JPY
3.5kg or less 4,800JPY  6,600JPY  7,400JPY  11,800JPY
4.0kg or less 5,300JPY  7,300JPY  8,200JPY  13,300JPY
4.5kg or less 5,800JPY  8,000JPY  9,000JPY  14,800JPY
5.0kg or less 6,300JPY  8,700JPY  9,800JPY  16,300JPY
5.5kg or less 6,800JPY  9,400JPY  10,600JPY  17,800JPY
6.0kg or less 7,300JPY  10,100JPY  11,400JPY  19,300JPY
7.0kg or less 8,100JPY  11,200JPY  12,700JPY  21,400JPY
8.0kg or less 8,900JPY  12,300JPY  14,000JPY  23,500JPY
9.0kg or less 9,700JPY  13,400JPY  15,300JPY  25,600JPY
10.0kg or less 10,500JPY  14,500JPY  16,600JPY  27,700JPY
11.0kg or less 11,300JPY  15,600JPY  17,900JPY  29,800JPY
12.0kg or less 12,100JPY  16,700JPY  19,200JPY  31,900JPY
13.0kg or less 12,900JPY  17,800JPY  20,500JPY  34,000JPY
14.0kg or less 13,700JPY  18,900JPY  21,800JPY  36,100JPY
15.0kg or less 14,500JPY  20,000JPY  23,100JPY  38,200JPY
16.0kg or less 15,300JPY  21,100JPY  24,400JPY  40,300JPY
17.0kg or less 16,100JPY  22,200JPY  25,700JPY  42,400JPY
18.0kg or less 16,900JPY  23,300JPY  27,000JPY  44,500JPY
19.0kg or less 17,700JPY  24,400JPY  28,300JPY  46,600JPY
20.0kg or less 18,500JPY  25,500JPY  29,600JPY  48,700JPY


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