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Privacy policy

We(FD Communication Co., Ltd ) think it is important to protect all personal information about user and our company as a social duty,and carry out thorough protection, management, operation, and use of the personal information based on the following policies.

6th March 2009
FD Communication Co.,Ltd

1. Acquisition of personal information

Our company will acquire personal information by legal and a fair way. When we acquire personal information,we show a purpose of use clearly beforehand,excluding the case obeying the law.

2. Use of personal information

We will use personal information within the purpose of use excluding the case obeying the law. We may use it in the entire our company group.

3. Director management of consignee

When we offer personal information to our consignee to accomplish the purpose of use, we investigate them strictly and supervise properly.

4. Third parties offer of the personal information

We do not offer personal information to third parties without obtaining the user himself's consent excluding the case obeying the law.

5. Management of personal information

We try for keeping the accuracy of the personal information by taking sufficient security measures protecting from unlawful computer access, loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized disclosure, and try for appropriate and rational safety measures. We do not take personal information to the outside, except providing by the law and regulations.

6. Disclosure of personal information and Request of change

The user himself has a right to demand disclosure, change, use stop, and elimination about personal information of the self. When user hopes for disclosure and change of his personal information, we respond his hope immediately obeying the law.

7. The organization and system

We appoint the person in charge, and manage the personal information appropriately. We train our all employees to protect and manage the personal information, and handle the personal information appropriately in our routine business.

8. Handling Log and cookie file

We may collect the user information such as access records to our site. It includes the following things, access file, IP address of the remote host, access time, the kind of the Internet browser, the kind of computer operating system and etc. We will analyze these information in our inside, and use for administration of our web site, but will not offer them to third parties. In addition, these information do not identify the person himself.

9. The observance and the review of laws/ordinances

We observe law applied about personal information. We review and improve these action if necessary to carry out thorough protection of the personal information more.

10. Law and Jurisdiction

This web site is made and managed in accordance with a law of Japan. The law of Japan is applied about the problem and trouble relating to this site, and Japanese court has the exclusive jurisdiction about it.

11. Copyright

All rights including the copyright of this site have belonged to our company.

12. Immunity from responsibility

We do not take all responsibility about the information that was published in this site, and all direct or indirect damage that occurred by using this site. Our company may revise these contents if necessary such as the revisions of laws and etc.


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